Academic Stuff

Caititu & Rapadura - Proteomics software

Forward-Viterbi - An implementation in C# from the algorithm described in Wikipedia.

Hypergeometric calculator - requires .NET 3.5

Kernel Density Estimation - requires .Net 3.0

Nadaraya-Watson kernel regression, an online example in C# - requires .NET 3.5

Discriminant toy - requires .Net 4.0

PatternLab for proteomics - requires .Net 4.5

Two population proportion one tail Z-test - requires .NET 3.5


Photo Date Stamper - Adds the dates to your digital pictures as you copy them from your digital camera to your computer. Can also resize the pictures in batch mode.


Boxing - in the San Diego Boxing Club (Dec / 2008)

CellPhone and Microwaves - A video showing that cellphone and microwave radiation are very simmilar (streamed).

Wedding best moments compilation - An avi video (needs to be downloaded).


Amazing pictures - from the city of Rio de Janeiro. If you wish for higher-res copies, email me.

Links - Another cool site about a nice place - A search engine listing only sites from Rio de Janeiro. I keep this site as a hobby.