What it is.

"This software package is an easy-to-use tool for proteomics generated data that allows the user to graphically represent peptide sequence coverage
and domain distribution, for different correlated samples (ex. 2D gel spots), relatively to the full-sequence of the known protein they are related to."


Caititu was created in 2007 as an in house software to produce simple graphics and had a rudiment interface.  Nevertheless, colleagues from labs of the Rio de Janeiro proteomic network would use and commend it.  In return to this recognition, we decided to polish up its interface, add more features, give it a professional look, and expand its graphing capabilities as to become suitable for publications.  In this regard, Caititu v.2 matured and was re-engineered to become a “final” product.  We feel it now deserves to be shared “as is”; yet, we look forward to receive suggestions from the scientific community for future tweaks, and probably, for new features.

Who did it?

This software was conceived by Paulo C Carvalho, Magno M Junqueira, Richard Valente, and Gilberto B Domont.


Caititu requires .NET 3.5, therefore, a major, but automatic update, could be performed on some computers while installing this software. This update takes some time....


Caititu is freely available for download by clicking here.

The data used to generate the example aside is here.

If you use it, please site:
Carvalho PC, Junqueira M, Valente RH, Domont GB, J Proteomics. 2008 Oct 7;71(4):486-9.