Digital Photography Date Stamper


Can automatically resize your pictures in batch mode

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Digital photography has come a long way, however, some cameras can't stamp the the picture's creation date in the photo. Indeed, one can find out when the file created by checking its properties. However some backup methods can change this information. This site presents a program that you can freely use to copy pictures from your digital camera to your computer. During this process, the program will stamp the date in the upper left corner of the picture. The software can also resize your pictures, automatically, in batch mode. The program requires .NET 2.0 or higher.

[The instalation will only work on IE7 or later]

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This free software is very easy to use. Point the input directory to where your originals are, the output directory to where the new labeled pictures will be generated and then press work. Finally, you can use programs, such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint.NET to improve even more you pictures.

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